aligner design

Puts you in charge of aligner therapy. Not only is elemetrix aligner design fully adjustable—allowing you to customize aligners as needed throughout each case—it consistently delivers outstanding value. Choose elemetrix aligner design for cases requiring moderate tooth movement, including:

  • Aligner-only treatment.
  • Aligner treatment in conjunction with braces, either to start or finish cases.
  • Clear retainers at the end of treatment with braces—the scan can be performed before removal of braces, eliminating an office visit and becoming the start of a practice retention program.
  • Access to all elemetrix diagnostic tools.
  • Outstanding value, saving you hundreds of dollars on most cases.

Dr. Peter J. Kierl

Kierl Orthodontics
Edmond, OK

A case in point

“This case was treated with braces for 8 weeks, followed by 4 sets of aligners. In finishing this case, we used a series of aligner designs printed by our local laboratory. We find that our patients are always happy to get out of braces sooner and we are pleased with the consistency of finish.”


Initial intraoral


Planned result