Advanced Diagnostics

Now you can really see things differently. The elemetrix diagnostics model tool set includes a powerful array of treatment planning features. These include 3D viewing tools that provide 6 standard views with the ability to manipulate the model from any angle, automated analytics (Bolton, arch width), and quality grading tools. elemetrix diagnostics gives you:

  • Unlimited treatment simulations to evaluate options, such as space closure vs. restorations and extraction vs. non-extraction.
  • The ability to present the best course of treatment to patients, parents and referring doctors.
  • Automated analytics (Bolton, arch width) and quality grading tools.
  • The ability to create treatment simulations for surgical, restorative and extraction cases.

Diagnostic Tools

Having the most advanced array of diagnostic CAD tools available, elemetrix can be used independently to assess challenging cases of any type, or in tandem with aligner and IDB design.

The diagnostic tool features automatic Bolton and Arch Length Analysis on every model.

Each case also can be evaluated using the Discrepancy Index and Quality Tools.

By selecting an area of discrepancy, the software will bring the area into view for evaluation by the clinician.