indirect bonding

The better IDB solution. elemetrix IDB provides 3D automation for rapid digital evaluation and adjustment of bracket placement. You’ll achieve placement with the accuracy of a jig, but with the chairside efficiency of a tray. Precision occlusal fit and a compact design deliver confident placement while improving patient comfort. Choose elemetrix IDB for:

  • Rapid & comfortable bracket placement.
  • Completely adjustable bracket & tooth position.
  • Simulations of projected tooth movement.
  • Control over tray segmentation design.
  • Access to all elemetrix diagnostic tools.
  • Direct access to brackets during bonding for ease of flash removal.
  • Bracket library continues to expand.

Dr. Edward Lin

Orthodontic Specialists Green Bay
Green Bay, WI


A case in point

“A 29-year-old female presented for consultation with a Class II, Division II, Subdivision Right malocclusion with a moderate deep bite and moderate maxillary and mandibular arch length deficiencies. Her LR6 and LL6 have been extracted and there is mesial drift forward and tipping of her LR7 and LR8. All other 3rd molars have been extracted. She is also seeking a non-surgical option for orthodontic treatment.”

elemetrix IDB automated digital design

elemetrix IDB tray positioned for bracket bonding

Precision bonding completed